PESCO Bill Online Check 2023 By Reference Number

Review your PESCO bill online using this page. It’s a completely free site that lets you easily see your bill from PESCO. PESCO Bill Online Check By Reference Number. So, PESCO Bill Online Check 2023 By Reference Number. PESCO Bill Online Check By Name or CNIC Number Month Wise. You can view your most recent payment due date and view the complete bill. Download a PDF of the bill or print your pesco wapda invoice for payment. Enter your 14-digit reference number below to see your Pesco electricity bill.

PESCO Bill Online Check By Name

If you’re looking for pesco is or pesco government pk to receive your duplicate pesco bill, you can simply type in your reference number into the input box above, and you will see the amount of your bill. is a user-friendly app or website which makes it easy to find utility bills for pesco.

PESCO Bill Online Check By CNIC Number

If you’ve not already received the WAPDA electric bill, don’t fret. Here, you can get an exact duplicate copy from your PESCO bill. It is possible to pay your bill using this duplicate copy. Now, you can view the PESCO bill online each month here. Check bill is a free online site that makes it possible to access your PESCO bill on the internet easily. You will see your current bill, up to date, and view the entire bill, including any outstanding charges. You can download a copy and print it out or print it from the PESCO monthly bill for delivery at your closest office.

Check PESCO Bill Online


On the front of each electric bill online from PESCO, consumers’ details are provided to identify the person who owns the electric channel. It also contains a couple of additional unique codes used for absolute identification — references number, customer I, and the meter’s number. Each code is unique and functions as a complicated digital address.

Pesco Online Bill: Are you in search of Pesco Online Bill 2023? There’s a chance you’ll miss the Pesco Electricity Bill 2023. Don’t fret about your electricity bill from Pesco. Go through Pesco Bill on simply by typing in your reference numbers (Pesco Bill reference numbers are 14 digits, e.g., 01 26663 1234567) below to view your Pesco bill. This site allows you to verify the status of your PESCO Duplicate Bill Online for no cost.

PESCO Bill Online Check By Name or CNIC Number

PESCO Bill Online Check By Name or CNIC Number

PESCO is the abbreviation in the name of Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation. Peshawar Electric Supply Company was founded in the year 2000. The Peshawar District Electricity Corporation was changed into a comparable legal entity, dubbed PESCO. Peshawar Electricity Supply Corporation (PESCO) for commercial purposes and later privatization. Pesco offers the power distribution service to over 2.6 million customers across all urban areas in Pakistan. In PESCO Networks, there’s a KPK power distribution system served by 132, 66, and 33 VK substations. 11 kV and 440 V high voltage substations and lines that connect your house or company to power.

PESCO Peshawar Electric Supply Company

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) was founded on the 22nd March 1998. PESCO is a brand new name of the Peshawar Area Electricity Board (PAEB), founded in 1982. To ensure smooth operations, the day-to-day operations of PESCO it is split into 8 (08) sub-regions. i.e., 1:Bannu 2:Hazara-1; 3:Hazara-2; 4: Khyber, 5: Swat 6, Swabi 7, 7: Mardan, and 8: Peshawar.

If you didn’t receive an invoice for your Multan power bill yet, is your destination for generating another invoice and then paying to avoid paying a late fee. Enter your 14-digit reference number above to obtain your pesco on the internet bill from March 2023 to April 2023 or the prior month of February 2023.

PESCO Bill Information

In this case, you will quickly view the amount of your bill and due date, and you can see the complete bill in which you will find the date of reading your meter and the date of bill issue as well as the amount that you must pay in the event of late payment with an added surcharge. If you’d like to know whether your bill was unpaid or not, you’ll be able to verify this information for the last month’s bills. It is possible to look up the bill in its entirety and look up the bill payment history. There you will find the payment history of the past 12 months and the amount paid.

PESCO Bill Online Check Month Wise 2023

Here is the duplicate bill issued by Pesco for March 2023. Also, If you’re trying to find the earlier bill for February 2023, you can search for it in the billing history from the previous year. You can verify the amount of the bill and download the bill from Pesco KPK in either jpeg or pdf formats to backup locally or for later use.

If you’d like to verify whether your bill has been unpaid or not, contact the PESCO helpline and provide them with your reference numbers, and they’ll confirm that the bill was paid. Additionally, if you’re using a banking application that allows bill payments, you can look up the status of your bill there to find out if your bill was paid or not.

PESCO Requirements for checking bills

To verify the electricity bill, it is necessary to identify the bill reference. This reference number will be the sole requirement for obtaining a pesco duplicate bill. There is no method to verify it using your name or national identification card (NIC/CNIC). If you wish to check the Pesco bijli bill using the cnic or meters number, you’ll be required to visit the closest customer services center where personnel can assist you.

It is now possible to receive a duplicate utility bill without having to travel long distances or pay an additional. How to do it: Visit the billing page, type in the reference number that appears on your previous invoice, and you will receive the PESCO digital duplicate bill immediately. Yes! It’s as easy as that. However, not too long ago, no one could be so fortunate to be able to access the internet. The only way to get a copy was through contacting the service provider directly, which was a massive waste of energy and time. Let’s see how to get the PESCO bill online using our service.

Check PESCO Bill Online This Month 2023

With the advent that is electricity-based, it’s don’t have to wait around for your bill to arrive and then calculate what amount is due. The distribution process could take two or three days, which leaves you with a short amount of time before the due date but don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with rapid PESCO online bills, delivered according to schedule, meaning you’ll never have to wait around for your PESCO Bill.

You can view your Pesco’s online bill on their official website (www pesco gov Pk). On this page, we’ve made it simple for customers of pesco wapda to see their bill balance. And deadline date (last date) conveniently using all devices (mobile/desktop). As well as they can look at the complete invoice and then download their pesco bill at no cost.

How to verify PESCO Bill?

  • Here are the steps for checking you’re electricity bill Pesco on the internet.
  • Visit the website.
  • Enter a 14-digit reference number.
  • You will now receive the latest amount due with a due date.
  • Click on the ‘View the Full Bill to view the entire bill, or download an electronic copy from the invoice. can be a responsive site and allow you to see your bill’s amount across all devices (desktop/mobile). All you require is the 14-digit reference number to verify your online bill from Pesco which is a check on any bill copy from the past. You cannot look it up using CNIC and name.-BEER is usually stressed as she is overwhelmed with work and unable to meet the deadline.

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