Check Online NADRA Tracking ID by SMS

The Pakistani government created NADAR, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to allow its vast population to use computers for national identification cards (CNIC). CNICs aren’t just evidence of identity, but they also allow you to access different benefits and services in the country. NADRA Tracking ID checks online. If you are planning to utilize any service(SIM issue, opening an account at a bank, vehicle registration or vehicle registration, etc.) in Pakistan which requires verification by fingerprints Your fingerprints should be registered with NADRA. Complete the form to determine if your fingerprints will be accepted to access these services.

Check Online

In the last few days, NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has started online and SMS-based services to monitor the status of various identity documents. Through these services, individuals can easily monitor the status of applications for documents such as CNIC or FRC, Family Registration Certificate (FRC) and Child Registration Certificate (CRC), etc.

Check Online NADRA Tracking ID by SMS

Check Online NADRA Tracking ID by SMS

NADRA ID tracker number

To verify how your CNIC A tracking number is required. You will be provided with this tracker number upon applying for an ID card via NADRA. This tracking code is 12 characters code appears on the form you fill out or on your receipt. The tracking number helps you keep track of the status of your application and the date you should expect to get an ID document.

NADRA ID check status

For checking what is happening with your CNIC to check its status, you can utilize NADRA’s services. The site lets you keep track of the progress of various kinds of IDs like CNIC, NICOP, or POC applications, as well as receive updates regarding their status. You can also download your identity documentation and confirm that you are who you say.

Monitor your application

You can monitor the progress of your NICOP/POC application through NADRA’s website Go to the “NICOP / POC Tracking” link on the website and make use of the 10-digit application tracking ID located on the top right corner of the receipt that you received from the NADRA office.

How to Check NADRA CNIC Status Online – CNIC Online Tracking

NADRA has introduced an SMS-based service CNIC Status Check. You can verify your CNIC status by sending an SMS. CNIC is also called National Identity Card (NIC).

  • Start your mobile text message application.
  • Enter your application tracking ID, then transmit it to 8400.

It will be a response to the text message you sent by NADRA and will include all relevant information about how to proceed with your request for CNIC.

How to Find Nadra CNIC Tracking ID

Citizen is applying for the creation of a renewal of a CNIC to Nadra or renewal CNIC within Nadra. Nadra issues the token number and a sheet of paper to the applicant where the number of tokens and the Tracking ID is noted.

You can obtain your CNIC by logging into your CNIC online by using Online Tracking and Mobile Text 8400. Be aware of the SMS costs i.e. 2 PKR + Tax is deducted every time. You text your tracking number to 8400 since it’s not a free SMS.

Nadra tracks ID checks online. Nadra is a pioneer in ensuring ease for Pakistani citizens to not visit the branch for every item. Two of the services offered include Nadra Tracking and Nadra Verification. The digitalization of Nadra lets people not have to wait in line to access Nadra CNIC. In any town in Pakistan or anywhere else worldwide, Nadra CNIC lets you verify the validity of your Nadra CNIC file.

NADRA Verification Through SMS | Nadra Tracking Id Check Online

Nadra SMS services are available to track as well as Nadra CNIC verification via an online application for tracking ids. You can make use of this service to verify Nadra’s CNIC in Pakistan using any mobile number or network. But, you need to follow the steps below to confirm Nadra’s CNIC by SMS.

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