FPSC CSS Syllabus 2023 Download PDF [Revised]

Federal Public Services Commission FPSC has released CSS Syllabus 2023 for students looking to take the examination for the competitive CCS. Central Superior Services CSS is an examination that is competitive. It was taken place by FPSC to select civil servants on a merit-based basis. As you are aware, FPSC is an incredibly well-known federal organization that assists in the selection of civil employees on a merit-based basis. Students from across the nation take part in the exam each year in order to be considered for higher positions as civil officials. This exam is competitive and contains subjects that are compulsory as well as electives, that must be passed. CSS is among the most difficult exams in Pakistan with a huge amount of students are enrolled, however, only a small percentage of students successfully pass the exam.

CSS exam consists of 1200 marks. Six hundred marks correspond to compulsory subjects, while the remaining 600 marks are part of a selective portion. It is required to pass every exam, regardless of whether it’s mandatory subjects or optional subjects. Download this CSS syllabus 2023 on the official website that is maintained by the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC. You can download the syllabus from this website too. Visit this link to download the most recent and most up-to-date CSS Syllabus 2023 download.

CSS MPT 02 October Test Syllabus 2022

If you’re seeking the most recent information about the CSS Syllabus 2023, you’ve found the right site. Here you’ll find all the information needed on the CSS Syllabus 2023. You can download to download the CSS syllabus manual as well as past essays on elective and compulsory subjects. Get started on your preparations now and don’t waste your time. Spend your time on your CSS preparation if completed your application and wish to sit for the CSS exam. Here you can download the most recent and updated CSS syllabus Subject List outline, Courses Compulsory as well as the Subject Group in PDF formats.

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2023 Download

The written test consists of 12 (12) questions. Of which six (6) are mandatory papers while the remaining six (6) are optional papers. The minimum marks for mandatory papers is 40% and for optional papers, 30 percent. The three tests that comprise General Knowledge (GK-1, GK-2 and GK-3) must be completed by obtaining 120 marks out of 300 marks. For the written test it is composed of 20 objective type questions (MCQs) on each paper, both optional and compulsory with the exception of the essay, applied mathematics and pure mathematics paper.

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2023 Download PDF [Revised]

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2023 Download PDF [Revised]


The exam paper for Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions (for non-Muslims) must be completed by English and Urdu only. NonMuslims are not required to answer the question in Urdu. Muslim candidates can choose to take Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions depending on what would be suitable for them.

5 guidelines for Selecting an optional topic

  • Academic background.
  • Interest and aptitude for the field. A higher level of interest is better than the Ability to comprehend concepts/ theories
  • Interchange and overlap with the additional option (s). – Like Political Science, Constitutional Law, and Pakistan Affairs.
  • The amount of time required to finish the outline of the course. It’s not just because it is shorter does not mean it will keep your interest for a long time.
  • Access to resources on the market and online. It’s no problem clearly if resources are not readily available it can cause pain.

Students should review the previous exams and the course outline at least once prior to finalizing the subject they wish to study. It is also possible to consult with other people such as teachers, friends and even mentors. But make sure your final choice is entirely yours. Take advice from, but do not blindly follow others when selecting one of your optional(s). Find your specialization and then select according to your own interests.

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2023

Candidates who are looking for information about the PDF of the CSS syllabus for FPSCwill receive all the details from eduexamspk.com since we offer the most recent and up-to-date information about the FPSC CSS Syllabus for 2023 on this page. Candidates who are interested in taking the CSS exam may apply to one of the Twelve Groups that were announced through the Federal public service commission of Pakistan. Download the most up-to-date CSS Exam syllabus as a PDF here on this page. It contains every compulsory and optional subject.

CSS 2023 Syllabus PDF Download
Public Administration CSS Syllabus Download

If you’re seeking all the information you need about CSS Syllabus 2023, CCS Syllabus for 2023 and CSS Exam Subjects, then you’re at the right spot because you will get all the information you need about CSS Syllabus 2023 on this page. CSS Syllabus 2023 PDF and CSS exam subjects here. CSS Exams like the Combined Competitive Examination are held each year, usually in February in the Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad. Students eagerly await a CSS Examination as potential candidates to be screened for BS-17 positions in the government.

Group I: (To select one subject from ( 200 marks) only)

Code No. Subject Marks
11. Accountancy & Auditing 200
12. Economics 200
13. Computer Science 200
14. Political Science 200
15. International Relations 200

Group II: (To select subject(s) of 200 marks only)

Code No. Subject Marks
16. Physics 200
17. Chemistry 200
18. Applied Mathematics 100
19. Pure Mathematics 100
20. Statistics 100
21. Geology 100

Group III: (To select one subject out of 100 points and only)

Code No. Subject Marks
22. Business Administration 100
23. Public Administration 100
24. Governance & Public Policies 100
25. Town Planning & Urban Management 100

Group IV: (To select one subject out of 100 points just)

Code No. Subject Marks
26. History of Pakistan & India 100
27. Islamic History & Culture 100
28. British History 100
29. European History 100
30. History of USA 100

Group V: (To choose one topic from 100 points and only)

Code No. Subject Marks
31. Gender Studies 100
32. Environmental Sciences 100
33. Agriculture & Forestry 100
34. Botany 100
35. Zoology 100
36. English Literature 100
37. Urdu Literature 100

Group VI: (To select one subject from 100 points and only)

Code No. Subject Marks
38. Law 100
39. Constitutional Law 100
40. International Law 100
41. Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
42. Mercantile Law 100
43. Criminology 100
44. Philosophy 100

Group VI: (To select one subject from 100 points just)

Code No. Subject Marks
45. Journalism & Mass Communication 100
46. Psychology 100
47. Geography 100
48. Sociology 100
49. Anthropology 100
50. Punjabi 100
51. Sindhi 100
52. Pashto 100
53. Balochi 100
54. Persian 100
55. Arabic 100

Note 1: Question papers in Urdu or any other Pakistani language regional dialects (Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, and Balochi), Persian and Arabic are to be answered in the appropriate languages unless specified otherwise by the questions.

Note 2: There will be two 100-mark papers for each subject, which have 200 marks. In other subjects that carry 100 marks, there will be a single paper. Each exam will last three hours in length.

Note 3: The candidates should expect the objective type of questions (MCQs) in both compulsory and optional tests.

MPT CSS Syllabus pdf

Aspirants are faced with the challenging task of remembering the syllabus and deciding on subjects. FPSC CSS syllabus 2023 provides candidates with the required information to make a decision on subjects in a short time.

Pakistan CSS Syllabus

A lot of websites offer CSS techniques and preparation tips, but many of them are not relevant and unnecessary waste of time. Here is the most up-to-date CSS syllabus which is approved by FPSC and previous exams.

CSS Revised Syllabus 2023

It has its own timetable to conduct the test. After successfully passing the CSS exam, both the interview and written portion one is able to be appointed to the post of the gazette. The marks total of CSS comprises 1200 and 600. A hundred marks comprise obligatory portions and 600 marks are facultative.

CSS Past Papers Solved

Twelve cadres are part of CSPs that are assigned to CSPs by FPSC and other related authorities in accordance with one’s marks and background for the group. Download past papers for each subject individually. For subjects that require a minimum number of students, past papers are accessible in PDF format.

CSS Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Past Papers

CSS exam comprises 1200 marks. Of these, 600 marks are made up of compulsory subjects. The rest of the marks, 600 are as a portion of a particular portion. It is compulsory to pass each examination, regardless of whether the subject is compulsory or not. subjects. You can download the CSS syllabus 2023 from the official website managed by the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC.

Guidelines for CSS Screening Test /MCQ-Based Initial Test (MPT)

The FPSC has released that it has issued the below guidelines concerning CSS Screening as well as the MCQ Preliminary Test (MPT) 2023

  • MPT will take effect beginning CSS 2023 and onwards.
  • It is a required test to be passed in order to sit for the principal written CSS 2023 exam.
  • Participation in the MPT is not considered an opportunity.
  • MPT will consist of 200 multiple choice tests (MCQ) with 1 mark per.
  • No negative marking
  • The duration of the time will be 200 minutes.
  • The MPT qualifying threshold of 33% marks, or the equivalent of 66 marks out of 200.
  • Answer keys will be posted on the FPSC website the next day following the conclusion of the test.
  • Candidates are allowed to print an electronic duplicate of their answer sheets.
  • MPT will be a test of knowledge. test.
  • A score for MPT will only be valid for the next CSS examination, and cannot be used for determining the merit ranking.
  • The date at which you can determine eligibility based on age, qualification, domicile, and so on. is 31.12.2023.
  • The cost for MPT will be the amount of Rs. 250/- (non-refundable).

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